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Everybody's rising up, yay!

We won't keep you from momentous events, but here's some music for your soundtrack.

If you are interested in where old-time religion meets radical politics, Book of J is for you. We do songs that started life in Black and White religious communities and were later adopted by organizers for racial, economic and social justice. In the tradition of the Hebrew prophets, the songs ask for devotion and righteousness and offer power beyond what one still small voice can effect. Expect angels and demons, workers and bosses, hard times resolved and destiny fulfilled. Also singing along is good. Book of J is Jewlia and Jeremiah Lockwood (Sway Machinery). .

Wednesday, December 17
Canessa Gallery
708 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA
$10-$15 sliding scale, buy here

Jewlia and Cyn (and friends?) will be singing six short sets at the Oakland Museum this week. We will do Khanukah songs, Marian hymns, and other wintery delights. So excited to perform in the beautiful Day of the Dead exhibit, whose many meanings are amplified as the solstice approaches!

Wednesday thru Friday, December 17-19
Oakland Museum of CA
1000 Oak Street
Oakland, CA

Museum admission is $15 but we might also sing some outside the store, and those are free.

Other News
We have a lovely new video by filmmaker Martin Errichiello from our time in Italy this summer, featuring one of our favorite trumpet players, Charles Ferris. The text is by Leone Ginzburg: "The people's war will have open agitation as its animating center; full intransigence, its revolutionary banner…This is the first nucleus of a popular Italian army not at the service of dynastic interests, nor to safeguard social privilege, but to seal, at the price of sacrifice and blood, the rebirth of a free Italy in a free Europe."

Jewlia had a nice show with Zion80, and they will collaborating more in the future, which is exciting. Here's a little from Psalm 121.

Lastly, if you are curious about Jewish devotional music, Piyut Bay Area will be sharing our process and some songs at the Magnes on Thursday December 18 at 7 PM at 2121 Allston Way, Berkeley.

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