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Marika & JewliaGET THICK: Art-funk! The seedy underbelly of the Supremes! This CD by Charming Hostesses Jewlia Eisenberg and Marika Hughes features songs about sexuality and its discontents. Thick is filled with passion, catchy hooks and avant-garde lyricism. Hear a clip from Thick!

Flier from CD release partyArtwork by Cybele Gerachis

Jewlia Eisenberg plays bass and sings. Experimental vocal technique meets freak of the week. After years of leading avant-pop girlcore extravaganza Charming Hostess, the songs she writes for Red Pocket are filled with the joy of romance.

Marika Hughes plays cello and sings. Classically trained, she now prefers to rock the low end: Her cello parts incorporate lyrical melodies, funky bass riffs and rhythm guitar punch. Outside of her work with Red Pocket, she plays with Two Foot Yard, Etienne De Rocher, Eric McFadden.

Scott Amendola is an amazing drummer who plays with everyone (Nels Cline Singers, TJ Kirk, Scott Amendola Band) because he is so damn good. Incorporating live electronics and hand percussion with the genius of the great funky drummers, Scott holds the estrogen in Red Pocket together.


Preview from Downtown Muisc Gallery.

"Second superb Tzadik release from that fabulous & feisty Charming Hostess singer/composer/bassist Jewlia Eisenberg with 2 Foot Yard's cello wonder Marika Hughes also singing and Nels Cline's Singers drum wiz Scott Amendola on percussion and electronics. Both listening to Charming Hostess and Jewlia's 'Trilectic' (Tzadik) releases on cd and in concert have shown us just how immensely talented and strangely charming Jewlia and her friends can be. Her new trio Red Pocket once again an infectious blend of wickedly incisive and hilarious lyrics, funky/rockin'/hip hoppy rhythms with enchanting layers of vocals, harmonies and strings. Jewlia does an amazing job of poking fun at the way women are often portrayed as the weaker gender, she is way too wise for our own good and with more women around like her, this world would certainly be a much better place. Way better than most of what passes for pop music nowadaze." -Downtown Muisc Gallery


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